Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

that is an excellent french braid.

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Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending

Pardon my French, but this Pastor is a badass mothafucka.

The entire speech is further enhanced by the insight provided in this YouTube comment:



Watch till the end.  Trust me.

Someone give this man an award. 

He literally just slayed their assholes open wow

Watch how uncomfortable the people in the background get when the speech turns around. They were probably agreeing with everything he had said up until then.

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July, by Natalie Patton

wake up, deep breath
cell phone, check text
see you, smiling
feel me, smiling
sun’s bright, wind whips
snacks packed, road trip
highways, small towns
my way?
west bound

couldn’t love nobody else
nobody ever said to love myself
loving you’s like breathing in
give me love like oxygen

cause I can’t tell if it’s the fireworks
or just the sound
of my heart beating loud, and I know
every mile will lead me to you
and knowing you
can hear it too
you can hear it too

your eyes, blinding
my eyes, blinded
if i lose, my faith 
in you, I
will find it
I find it in you


I can not stop watching this

this video has disrupted my entire day

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